A New Lifestyle – Healthy Balance

Greek Salad is part of a healthy diet

Here at My Healthy Family, one of our goals is to give you a new and realistic perspective about health. By realistic, we mean actual plans and goals you can actually achieve when it comes to health matters.

The media have been feeding us unrealistic ideas that we cannot possibly achieve. There are these headlines everywhere “Lose weight in just 7 days!” “Try this diet and we guarantee you’ll be wearing size two by the end of the month!” “Eat this and you’ll lose weight!” and so on. It’s everywhere, it’s on your TV, on your mobile phone, in the magazines, and it’s FRUSTRATING!

We would like to dispel some of the drastic myths about weight and physical image that we all get from these media sources that often get stuck in our head. Since way, way back, our culture has been encouraging us to be stick thin, or to get ripped. Even little boys and girls nowadays want to go on a diet or exercise training that their body can’t possibly handle!

Of course, we’re not advising you to eat as much as you can and gain weight. Everything should be done in moderation. But if you do like to eat and would like to lose a few extra kilos you may be carrying, this is our advice: Don’t try the latest diet craze straight away. It might not be the right one for you and could be detrimental to your health. Consider some of the facts that we’re going to discuss.

Here’s the thing. You saw that commercial that told you if you eat that special sandwich you will lose fat? They’re lying to you. Here’s the fact: everybody (and I mean this literally, every body) is different. Your body is different from mine, just like mine is different from the next person, and so forth. So next time you see that commercial, tell yourself that these strategies don’t work on everyone. Yes, it may work for some, but not everyone. We’re all different people, we live different lives, and we each have our own various activities that impact our metabolism. Our bodies’ demands differ. Exercise programs and diets should vary from person to person depending on their lifestyle.

So the next time you see a commercial about that new fad diet, or that healthy snack that makes you lose weight. Consider your lifestyle. What do you do? What are your everyday routines? You can’t just simply take away something from your body and cut it down. Just like you can’t simply go on heavy training exercise right away. Take me as an example. I’m a fitness blogger, and what I do is sit in front of my computer and brainstorm ideas for a large part of the day. With this style of living, I don’t need as much energy as somebody who works as a fitness instructor at a gym for example. I just need enough to get through the day. Although I do workout daily, my energy output would be much lower, hence I require less sustenance.

The key thing here is to achieve balance. Most diets tell us to take huge cuts in carbs and calories, and fitness programs tell us to go into intense workout routines. But before you do something your body will probably regret later on, just think that the balance depends on you. Dieting and exercise are part of a healthy lifestyle, and always will be. But you don’t have to go hardcore. Just keep it balanced. Eat according to what your body needs. Let your routine tell you how many calories or carbs you should intake instead of sticking to a very strict limit that you heard from some miracle program. With these facts, you can now embrace a new balanced lifestyle.

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