Eat, Fast, Live Longer Documentary Review

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There is a new health intervention that will help one lose weight, delay onset of dementia, and best of all, enable one to live longer and healthier. This is according to British journalist and medical doctor Michael Mosley who has set an ambitious goal for himself. His desire is to live longer, stay healthy and younger, while at the same time lose some weight. Could the science driving this theory lead to a longer and healthier life?

In his documentary titled Eat, Fast And Live Longer, he explores the scientific theory behind the idea that altering eating patterns to involve fasting periods can help improve your health and enable you to live longer. He aired the life-changing results in-this 2012 BBC Horizon documentary which sounds just somewhat too good to be true. Scientists believe there exists a link between longevity and calorie restriction. So Michael is off on a fascinating journey across the USA, a country clearly famous for its calorie restriction.

In fact, and fascinatingly, life expectancy increased by six years during the Great Depression of the 1930s. He tries to find out how feeling a little hungry can make one younger, and certainly, to also try-out the theory of fasting on himself. During this 1 hour programme, Michael visits several institutions seeking to comprehend the process of ageing. He gets to meet various experts, all of whom belaud the virtues of CR (caloric restriction). He investigates how a bit of hunger can turn on “repair genes” of your body. He also tries techniques they advise in order to boost his performance with regards to physiological testing.

Mosley learns that a dietary plan based on famine and feast has powerful effects on your body, lowering the risks of diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. So Michael Mosley meets Fauja Singh, a 101 year old marathon runner who does not eat very much. They carry out some physiological tests which reveal that this Fauja guy is basically immortal. On the other hand, Mosley, who does not look too bad to be honest, is not. Michael also goes to see another guy who understands all about the IGF-1 growth hormone and about fasting. He explains that when we eat a lot, the cells in our body are locked in mode of growth. The growth hormone IGF-1 seems to have a considerable affect upon particular people. There appears to be a link in protein, which pushes the body to age faster. Also, this makes them highly susceptible to diabetes and cancer. It’s basically as if you slam your foot on the accelerator.

A look at a particular population that lives in Ecuador demonstrates that, even though they are small, dwarf like persons, none of them died of diabetes or cancer. The most extreme of the diet methods involved fasting for three days and four nights, wherein Michael only consumed black tea, one sachet of powdered soup, and water. Subsequently, he attempted ADF (alternate day fasting). Here, consumption is limited to roughly 500 calories on one day of “fasting,” followed by completely unlimited day of “feeding.”

Eat, Fast & Live Longer HD
In the end, he settles for a five day of “feeding” time followed by a two-day 500 calorie fasting period. The diet packs CR’s (calorie restriction) anti aging clout and allows for enjoying the good life. Not only does it turn out to be good for your body; it could also have amazing benefits for the brain. All these ideas are captured in this really interesting and well made health documentary. This program is worth watching mostly because of its amazing discovery that is well thought of and presented in an engaging way. If you are a food enthusiast, it is worth noting that the documentary is available for online viewing. Check it out above. 5 Stars.

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