Benefits Of Electric Hot Water System Installations

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You’ve got many ways to make your home in Indooroopilly, Kenmore, and other Brisbane suburbs comfortable, but a hot water system will do magic. These appliance supplies hot water, which most tasks such as washing dishes and laundry very easy.

Electric hot water systems are the most popular with homeowners because of the many benefits they offer. Are you still wondering whether to install an electric at home? Well, this article tells you why it’s a good choice. Here are some of the benefits of electric hot water system installations.

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1. Low Installation Cost

You ever asked yourself why almost everyone in your neighbourhood has an electric hot water system? Well, it’s because of their low cost of installation. For example, installing an electrical hot water system in Indooroopilly, you don’t need any new thing. You only use what you have in the house.

That’s not the same with gas hot water system installations. For a gas system, you need to work on vents and complex gas piping, which is a lot of work and expensive. But for electric models, if you’re looking for hot water Indooroopilly plumbers as well as in the nearby areas such as Kenmore, Chapel Hill, and Toowong. Qualified plumbers will provide fast, quality installation services at an affordable cost.

2. Fast, Straightforward Installation

Nothing can be annoying as waiting for days to have the hot water heating system installed. The installation work disrupts most of your home operations. That’s why it should be done as fast as possible. With the electric models, it will take you very little time to complete the installation work. These systems are also very convenient to install.

There are no vents, extra piping, or complex distribution to work on with electric hot water heaters. You just need to place the appliance and connect it to the water supply and electricity. In case there will be extra work needed, which is rare, it’s very little.

3. Highly Efficient

High efficiency is another benefit of electric hot water system installation. The efficiency of the HVCA appliances is very crucial because it determines energy cost. If your water heating appliance is running on low efficiency, it will cost you more to heat water. It will also waste your time as they take a longer time to heat water.

Unlike the solar and gas hot water heaters, the electric models are super-efficient. It can heat water at a fast rate compared to gas and solar models. Once you power on the appliance, it will heat start heating hot immediately. If you are using a tankless hot water heater, you get instant hot water.

4. Greater Safety

You must have heard or read horrifying stories of gas water heater explosions. This is one of the biggest safety dangers of gas hot water system installation. The explosions can cause serious damages to the property, body injuries, or death. Note that gas leaks can cause breathing problems or fire damages.

But that’s not the case with the electric hot water heaters. There is no gas to cause fire damages or breathing complications. If the unit fails, your circuit breakers will trip to cut the electric connection. That’s how property damages and injuries are avoided. So, the electric hot water system is one of the safest options.

5. Takes Up Less Space

Space is another reason why most Brisbane homeowners are going for electrical water heaters. They are pretty small in size compared to gas water heaters. In fact, you will need a smaller space to install these appliances, unlike gas models. With not less than six inches of ventilation to the large tank, the gas water heater requires a larger space.

With an electric hot water system, even a small space, such as your bedroom closet, will be enough. You can also squeeze out a small space in your garage or laundry room to install an electric water heater. So, for homeowners with a small house, the electric hot water system installation is a perfect choice.

6. Easy and Cheaper to Repair

After you invest in a quality hot water system, the next thing to consider is maintaining it. Repairs are the most crucial part of the maintenance. The unit will start wearing out after using it for a while. So, you will need to repair and replace broken parts to keep it at peak performance.

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Unlike gas and solar hot water heaters, electric models are easy to repair. The setup of the unit is straightforward. With no extra piping, it is easy to troubleshoot and fix the problem. This means the cost of repairs is lower than most of the alternatives. So, easy and cheaper repairs are factors making these models popular with homeowners.

7. Longer Lifespan

Every homeowner is looking for a water heater system that offers a longer useful life. That’s what you get from electric hot water system installations. No matter the model of the water heater system you choose, these appliances are quite expensive. So, you need to ensure that you are getting value for the money you are spending.

Electric hot water system installations last for a longer time compared to gas models. Whereas the gas models last for about 10 years, electric models can last for more than 15 years. So, if you want a water heater system that will serve you for an extended period, go for an electric hot water system.

In conclusion, there are many benefits that come along with investing in electric hot water system installations. Although your energy bills might be higher, they offer excellent convenience and efficiency. Electric water heater systems last longer and offer impressive performance.

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