The Proven Dangers of Mobile Phone Radiation

cell phones effect on health

Even though technology-based gadgets have made life more convenient, a growing body of evidence indicates that these advancements pose certain health risks. Cellular phones are of particular interest as recent researches show that these emit radiation which over the long-term can lead to the development of certain diseases. Children are at a higher risk than adults, but these mobile phone dangers do not exempt anyone.

The potential of cellular phones to cause diseases like cancer is not an entirely new idea. The safety of these devices has been questioned for decades however only now after the completion of long studies can we be sure about their dangers. Radiation exposure from cellular devices is a serious matter as it can affect our overall DNA structure, and cause cell mutations which can develop into cancer.

cell phones reduce sperm countsChildren are particularly at risk in this instance especially since their physiological make-up has yet to completely develop. Because their cells are still splitting at a fast rate, any cellular damage is magnified. Because of this, children may suffer from weaker immunity which can lead to problems with other diseases especially as they get older.

In the case of teenage boys, it is not uncommon to find many of them wearing the latest iphones or Samsungs on their belts as a way of showing off to friends and to strangers. This may appear to them as an innocent way to brag that they own the latest mobile phone version; unfortunately, while this can boost their ego, the accompanying mobile phone dangers can have disastrous effects on their sexual health.

Several studies reveal that radiation given off by cellular phones is one of several mobile phone dangers that do not only affect the average sperm count in men, it can likewise influence its motility as well as overall quality. One published study even boldly concluded that the power and frequency levels of various mobile phone models can reduce the motility of the human spermatozoa.

In other words, men within the reproductive age range, especially those falling under the adolescent stage, may want to reconsider frequent use of their cellular devices. The potential of these gadgets to eventually cause adverse effects on their fertility and even the health of their future offspring can hardly be taken for granted.

Several other organs in young men are likewise exposed to the dangers of radiation depending on how they get to carry their mobile phones. Generally, organs like the kidneys and the liver are prone to developing cancer cells when regularly exposed to cell phone radiation.

RESONANCE – BEINGS OF FREQUENCY from James Russell – a documentary about the dangers of mobile phone radiation.

One other research conducted in 2008 showed that even unborn children are not exempted from mobile phone radiation. A study that involved 13,000 children indicated that their behavioral difficulties were directly related to their exposure to cell phone use while they were still inside the womb. As it turned out, the mothers were making use of their handsets at least three times daily while they were pregnant.

Needless to say, mobile phone dangers can no longer be taken lightly. Sufficient investigations have been made about it, and all of these submitted more or less similar results. In this regard, it should be noted that while cancer may be one of the more common disorders cited arising from cell phone radiation exposure, a few other conditions have been mentioned as well, notably diabetes, depression, and even heart irregularities.

While we understand that mobile phones play an important role in daily life to keep in contact with loved ones, we highly recommend reducing your usage. It is also important to make sure you are not keeping the phone in close proximity to you when it’s not in use. We recommend viewing the above documentary to find out more about what dangers your cell phone can do to you.

If like a few of us here at the My Healthy Family team, you decide you want to get away from having a cell phone all together, you might wish to sell your iphone, Samsung or LG mobile phone at a cell buy back store like this one. Being able to keep in contact with loved ones is great, but its not worth a little bit of convenience if it’s going to cause life-threatening harm to them in the long run.

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