Tips To Make Moving Day With The Kids Easier

moving house with kidsA new home, a new scenery, a new life… Unfortunately it doesn’t really work quite like that, especially when you throw your kids into the mix. Between signing contracts with your new rental managers and cleaning out your old place, you’re trying to look forward to the big day but all you can think about is having to get everything here, to there and keep the kids on a level peg!

I bet you never realised how much stuff you actually owned before you had no choice but to go through it all! And cue the regrets: Why didn’t I pack earlier? How did I let myself become such a hoarder? That’s not the end of it.. Upon arriving you realise that you have no idea what items are in which box and you can’t find half the things you need for immediate use… In desperation you buy those items again only to discover their location the moment after. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Fear not, moving day doesn’t need to be half as dreadful as you’ve worked it up to be. In fact, if planned correctly, it can be quite fun for you and your little terrors! We enlisted the help of Brisbane property management team the Rental Guardians, to help us out with some easy ways to reduce the headache of moving day. Just follow these simple steps, gather the friends and family and just have a lovely bonding time. You’ll be looking forward to a house-warming party in no time!

Clear it out: Before you start packing get rid of as much as you can. Have a yard sale, a tupperware party, a give-away, or simply donate items to charity. The last thing you want is for all that junk to move with you! And how does that saying go again? ‘One man’s junk is another’s treasure?’… Something like that.

Plan Ahead: Plan out what you don’t need to use immediately so that you can start packing those things first. Don’t try to pack everything at once. Designate days and times for particular items, cleaning as you go. Allow sufficient time to get the deed done! Leave the essentials till last so you aren’t finding yourself in need of something that has already been packed away. Trying to get through all the boxes to find something is not fun. Make sure you plan well and efficiently to avoid such issues.

Make a list: Once you’ve sorted out what to keep and what to leave behind, jot down everything you will need to pack and categorise them. Then work out how many boxes you will need. Tick things off the list as you go. Having a systemised

method will allow you to pack effectively and rapidly. Saving you all that dreaded stress. Moving doesn’t have to be hard!

Fill suitcases: Pack away everything that isn’t essential and when that has all been taken care of, fill up your travel suitcases with things you will need to use upon arrival. Clothes, bathroom items, things to get you by whilst you wait for everything else to arrive and then muster the energy to finally unpack! 

Take breaks: Once you’ve sussed out a packing and moving plan, make sure to include breaks in between. This way, you can avoid exhaustion and loss of motivation. Keep hydrated, keep cool, and relaxed. 

Clean it up: Even though many rental managers require a specialist bond cleaner to come and clean the property. Give the old place a good once or twice over to make sure the job is done quickly and doesn’t cost you a fortune.

Smaller boxes: Smaller boxes are easier to carry and move; making the activity quicker and far less strenuous to complete.

Same size and type of boxes: If possible, try to use boxes of the same size. This way, it will be easier to stack them.

Label boxes: Always, always, remember to label your boxes! Labeling before you begin packing is the way to go. -It all ties back to the vital plan! Labeling saves the hassle of trying to find things amongst all the other boxes and ensure that you know whats where and when, enabling you to prioritise accordingly.

Start early: Whatever you do, don’t leave everything to the last minute! This is one of the most common and most stressful mistakes.

Follow these tips and enjoy the experience of a stress-free (well at least a far less stressful) and much more enjoyable moving experience!

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