Top Reasons Why New Mothers Should Take Moringa Everyday

Moringa for new mothers

Moringa oleifera fame has risen in recent years because of the incredible health and medicinal properties. Today, moringa is ranked among the best superfoods because of its range of nutrients. Moringa leaves are the most nutritious part of the tree, although flowers, drumsticks, roots, and seeds have good nutrition value as well. 

Moringa is very beneficial for new mothers, and it’s highly recommended as part of the diet after giving birth. The high nutritional value makes it ideal for nursing mothers. There are many benefits, such as high-quality moringa breast milk and many other health and medicinal benefits.  Here are some of the top reasons why new mothers should take moringa every day. 

1. Boost Quantity of Breast Milk 

The production of breast milk is the most important thing for new mothers. You need to produce enough breast milk for the baby to grow healthy. Sometimes, mothers are unable to supply the required amount of milk. Moringa is one of the best natural galactagogues and has been used for centuries to boost breast milk production. By consuming moringa, your milk production will increase by more than double to improve the baby’s health. 

2. Improving Breast Milk Quality 

Another moringa pregnancy benefit is quality breast milk. For the baby to grow healthy, you do not just need to produce a lot of milk but quality milk. The quality of breast milk, in this case, is the amount and quantity of essential nutrients. There are many nutrients that babies need from the milk to grow healthy. One of these nutrients is the Beta-carotene in vitamin A that helps develop sight and fighting infections. These are some of the essential nutrients that are plenty moringa extracts, especially in the tree leaves.  

3. To Boost Calcium Intake 

One of the minerals that both new mother and baby need the most is calcium. While pregnant, the baby takes a lot of calcium from the mother to form the skeletal system. They will also need a lot of calcium to grow healthy bones and teeth and grow the skeletal system. Similarly, the new mother needs to take a lot of calcium to replenish the nutrient in the body. Foods rich in calcium are recommended, and moringa is one of the superfoods rich in this nutritional.  

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4. Replenishing Blood Volume 

While giving birth, mothers lose a lot of blood. That’s why they feel fatigued and exhausted during the first weeks of giving birth. This is a problem caused by the lack of enough blood to supply nutrients and remove waste from the body. Moringa can help replenish the lost blood pretty fast. The plant leaves are rich in iron, which the mineral responsible for increasing blood levels. The mineral helps in the production of the red blood cells and haemoglobin, which form the blood. Taking moringa will have the same effect on the baby’s blood levels. 

5. Treating Heavy Bleeding 

It is very common for a new mother to experience heavy bleeding after giving birth. But if it persists, it means that they have a deficiency of vitamin K, which is responsible for the normal clotting of the blood. Moringa is one of the superfoods rich in vitamin K. With moringa’s high amount of vitamin K heavy bleeding will stop because of the improved blood clotting. That’s one of the biggest reasons why moringa is recommended for new mothers.  

6. Good Uterine Health 

After delivery, the labour pain will not go away immediately. You will still have some pain that will last depending on how healthy you will be. The inflammation of the uterine is a big problem for most mothers after delivery. Another big problem with new mothers is uterus infections. All these health issues can be dealt with by using moringa extracts. Moringa has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help keep your uterus healthy. Your uterus will also heal faster if you are taking moringa every day. 

7. Healthy Weight Loss 

You will hear most new mothers saying that they are struggling to get rid of baby fat. This is the fat that builds up during and immediately after giving birth. Since one cannot exercise immediately after birth, it is difficult to lose weight. Moringa is the solution for new mothers looking to lose weight. Taking moringa leaves increases the burning of fat stored in the body hence the loss of weight. The plant has bioactive compounds that help increase the metabolism rate hence the natural weight loss. 

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8. Promotes Hair Growth 

Pregnancy increases hormone levels in the body. One of the impacts of hormone elevation is the growth of very healthy hair. However, this drastically changes immediately after giving birth, and the hormones go back to normal. The effect of this drop in hormone level is hair loss. The hair follicles are no longer receiving enough nutrients to maintain the hair healthy. That’s the reason why hair breaks and falls after birth. Moringa is rich in nutrients that promote hair growth naturally. The plant’s leaves are rich in amino acids, iron, zinc, and vitamins, which promote hair growth. 

9. Increases Immunity 

New mothers are still at risk of developing health complications because of low immunity. It takes time after giving birth for the full immunity to best restored. This exposes mothers to all kinds of infections, as the body cannot fight back. New mothers can improve their immunity by taking moringa extracts. The leaves are packing with a range of nutrients and bioactive compounds that improve immunity. 

10. Improve Skin Health 

During the early months of pregnancy, the skin looks great. That is because of the elevated levels of hormones. However, the condition of the skin will change to worse in the last semester and after giving birth. As the hormone levels go back to normal, the skin will lack the high amounts of nutrients, making it look good. Moringa is packed with nutrients and antioxidant compounds that improve the skin’s appearance and health even immediately after birth. 

The health and medicinal benefits that new mothers get from taking moringa are many. You can take moringa in many forms but leaves powder is the most recommended. You can make powder tea or add it to your food to get these benefits. The good thing about moringa is that there are no known harmful side effects. 

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